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Fully-Automated Harvesters for Robotic System Integration

Brandel’s fully-automated harvesters introduce the convenience, reliability, and versatility of Brandel systems to the robotic arena.

Engineered from the ground up for systems integration, these harvesters feature multiple access points and are compatible with most robotic arms. Operationally, your Brandel system will perform all aspiration, wash and collection cycles according to your pre-programmed protocols. Two-way communication between your arm’s control system and the harvester’s Programmable Controller enable the systems to work together.

Equipped with optional Auto-Fill/Auto-Drain and High-Capacity Plate Carousels, harvesters can run unattended and continuously.

Sensors & Alarms

Sensors continuously monitor all critical stages of the harvesting cycle to ensure proper operation and verify that the Harvester is ready to execute the next sequence of events. Should a situation arise that would inhibit proper operation, an alarm is sounded and the Harvester is placed on standby. Sensors on the Auto-Fill and Auto-Drain Reservoirs monitor and maintain proper flow of media and filtrate; sensors on the optional Plate Carousel monitor it’s operation.

System Integration & Cell Culture Systems

Brandel also offers customized integration services and robotic systems for HTS Harvesting as well as robotic Cell Culture Systems (Caco-2 and others). We invite you to call and discuss your specific requirements.