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Complementary High-Throughput Screening Solutions

The following were designed specifically for Brandel robotic systems but can also be used in a variety of other applications.

Plate Sealers

Cap Mat Sealer and Foil Sealers eal plates in seconds. Compatible with most chemicals including DMSO. RS-232 models available for robotic workstations. See Plate Sealers for details.

Hi-Capacity Plate Carousel

With rotational indexing, programmable operation and a two-way communication interface, the Carousel is compatible with most robotic arms – and the perfect complement to your fully- or semi-automated Harvester. 160-plate capacity. See Plate Carousel for details

CO2 Incubator

Brandel Incubators provide high capacity storage and incubation of plates over an extended period of time. The unit has two access points: (1) a full-width, manually operated door for easy operator access, and (2) a narrow, motorized door controlled by the robotic system that minimizes changes in the incubation environment. An enclosed plate carousel can hold 168 plates at a time

The incubator integrates with most systems by way of its RS-232 interface. See Incubator for details


Dispense precise, repeatable volumes (as little as 10 microlitres) to all samples in a variety of plate formats. Programmable, with memory. Available for buffer or cocktail. See MicroDispensers for details.