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Semi-Automated Harvesting Systems for Direct Readers

If integration into a fully robotic system is not needed, consider one of our semi-automated systems for use with your direct radioactive reader. Filter plates and/or mats from these systems match the sample spacing of your direct reader, making them easy to process after harvesting.

Available for 96, 192 and 384 samples, these harvesters are designed to accommodate most popular filtering formats and a wide variety of plates with our interchangeable plate/mat inserts. In fact, these systems are so versatile that one harvester can now do the work of several.


Standard on our 96-sample harvesters (and optional on others) is Teflon Tubing that minimizes adhesion of “sticky” substances to the insides of tubing and provides the lowest Cv of any harvester on the market. Teflon-tubed harvesters are ideally suited for I-125 studies.

Interchangeable Plate/Mat Inserts enable you to harvest to filter plates of different depths/volumes and in some cases, filter mats – permitting one harvester to do the work of several. Interchangeable Harvesting Probes add further versatility and make it possible to easily adapt your Brandel to future needs.

Every harvester comes with a 2-year factory warranty and long list of standard features. In addition, there's a wide variety of options and accessories that add further efficiency and convenience to your harvester.