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MultiChannel Collector

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Multi-Channel Fraction Collector

Built on the platform of our semi-automatic Suprafusion1000, the new Multi-Channel Fraction Collector provides many of the same capabilities for those who do not need to isolate samples within a chamber block.

The Multi-Channel Collector comes in three basic configurations, all of which are available in 6 and 12-sample models, and all of which can be ordered for use with a variety of vials and tubes.

The basic system consists of the Fraction Collector and Indexing Box, which moves the collection tray according to the interval you set. Indexing from one row to the next is variable from 1 second to 10 hours. This model relies on your pump to deliver reagents to the unit.

A second configuration adds our high-performance Versaflow Peristaltic Pump and Reagent Rack. Rate of delivery is variable from 0.1 ml/minute to 2.6 ml/minute, and speed can be manually changed on the pump.

The system can also be made semi-automatic with the addition of our hand-held, Remote Programmable Controller. This unit allows the user to enter and store up to 10 programs of 256 lines each. Pump speed and indexing interval can be changed at any time during a program.


6-channel Fraction Collector

6-channel Fraction Collector with multi-channel Peristaltic Pump

6-channel Fraction Collector with Pump & Controller

12-channel Fraction Collector

12-channel Fraction Collector with multi-channnel Peristaltic Pump

12-channel Fraction Collector with Pump & Controller

All models are configured for use with 5 ml vials OR 7 ml vials OR Eppendorf Tubes.

Other vials and tubes can also be accommodated – please call for details.