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Integrated, HTS Harvesting

Brandel can design your robotic sample preparation system from the ground up – or integrate one of our fully-automated harvesters into your existing system.

In the case of existing systems, integration of the harvester is nearly plug- and-play, and can usually be done by the end user. The operator teaches the robotic arm to locate two access points for loading/unloading a sample plate and loading/unloading a filter plate. The rest of the harvesting procedure is controlled by the harvester through its internal programming.

Should you have special spacial requirements – or if the movement of your arm is restricted – Brandel can modify your harvester so that its access points suit your particular needs.

Robotic Harvester Operation

1. System arm loads filter plate into harvester.
2. System arm loads sample plate into harvesting tray.
3. Main programming system cues start of Harvester program.
4. Filter block closes and seals. Sample plate is raised into position for harvesting.
5. Harvester pre-wets filter plate or mat to enhance vacuum pressure.
6. Harvester proceeds through aspiration and wash cycles as programmed. Radioactive and non-radioactive waste solutions can be collected into separate reservoirs for disposal.
7. Samples are lowered from probe and filter block opens.
8. System arm removes filter plate from Harvester and places it in Plate Carousel (optional).
9. System arm removes sample plate from Harvester and places it in Plate Carousel (optional).
10. Arm selects the next sample plate and filter plate and cycle repeats.