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Sample System

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1. Feasibility Study

Brandel's engineers and system integrators will meet with you to outline your basic needs and develop an understanding of tasks your wish your automated system to perform. This phase also permits you to entertain and explore ideas Brandel may suggest before the design phase begins.

2. Design

Brandel will design the most efficient means of meeting your needs and present recommendations for individual components.

3. Setup & Demonstration

Brandel will assemble your system at its site, initiate communication among the various components, install management software, test and demonstrate the system. Upon your approval, Brandel will begin training.

4. Delivery & Training

Brandel will deliver the system to your site and continue with operational training. Brandel integrators will remain at your site until all training is complete and the system performs to agreed upon specifications.

5. Follow-Up Service

Brandel recognizes that you're bound to have questions in the early stages of using your automated system. Follow-up service is available through our toll free number and the Interne. In addition, Brandel offers support for training of new staff, system modifications and future additions.

6. Maintenance / Support Contracts

When operated by trained technicians, Brandel integrated systems are extremely reliable. Over time, however, normal use can lead to miscalibration and in extreme cases, component failure. Our maintenance and support contracts are designed to help keep your system operating at peak efficiency and minimize downtime. Since systems vary in complexity and components used, contracts are written on an case-by-case basis.

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