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Basic Accessories

Vial Trays
Various vial trays are available to accommodate any 4 to 8 ml scintillation vial and 12 mm x 75 mm test tubes and gamma tubes.

Set-Up Kits
These sets of components simplify the process of getting your new PHD™ harvester up and running. The basic kit for a 200A or 290 Harvester includes a 4-liter wash reservoir, three 1-liter vacuum-rated waste collection flasks, tubing, and all necessary connectors, stoppers and tubing clamps.

Vacuum Pumps
This pump supplies a flow rate of 19 CFM (54 litres/min) and a vacuum level of 18 in. Hg, (minimum) for any PHD Harvester.

Aspiration Accessories

Harvesting Heads
Harvesting heads are available for all PHD™ Harvesters using 24- and 48-well plates, as well as any type of standard 96-well microtitration plates. Harvesting heads are easily interchangeable when used with the Quick-Disconnect System (below).

Quick-Disconnect System
Allows Harvesting Heads to be changed quickly and efficiently. This system accommodates all harvesting head types and is compatible with all-common wash fluids including water, saline, alcohol, and TCA.

Wash Accessories

Wash Timer
The digital Wash Timer provides 3 modes of washing operation from its front panel: untimed, timed and elapsed time. Untimed operation allows wash or buffer solutions to flow whenever the wash switch of the harvest head is depressed. Timed mode causes wash or buffer solution to flow continuously for 0 to 99 seconds as defined by the user. In Elapsed mode 0 to 99 seconds of wash can be selected, but time-out occurs only when the wash switch is depressed..

4-Port Wash Manifold
Permits as many as four different wash fluids to be used with a harvester without requiring manual change of tubing connections. The manifold needs no lubrication and is compatible with most common wash fluids.

Harvesting Head Support
The supports prevent the aspiration and wash needles from touching the bottoms of wells and dislodging bound cells or fragments. The support can be adjusted to accommodate any type of 96-well plate.

Supernatant (Filtrate) and Waste Fluid Options

Supernatant Collection Systems
Allows retrieval of supernatant (filtrate) from samples after filtration. Supernatant is retained as separate quantities from the culture plate to the collection test tubes. Includes vacuum chamber, test tube rack and all necessary tubing.

Flow Control (Hot/Cold) Valve
Facilitates separation of collected fluids. Supernatant and waste fluids may be directed into one of two separate collection flasks. Flow direction is controlled electronically.

Glass Fiber Filter Strips

Available as pre-cut strips for convenient use with all types of PHD™ Harvesters. Many standard grades are available.

Modifications, Overhauls, Updates and Custom Equipment

Modifications to existing products and development of completely new products can often be performed for modest engineering charges. An older PHD™ Cell Harvester can be overhauled or sometimes modified to reflect the latest technology or additional user requirements at low cost. Contact Brandel to discuss your needs.