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Easy-to-Use, Low-Cost Harvesting Alternatives

PHD™ Harvesters are well-suited to labs that wish to add some level of automation but don't routinely process enough samples to justify one of our larger Brandel Harvesting Systems. Capable of harvesting 24 samples at a time, punching paper and depositing discs, a PHD Harvester can process a fully populated 96-well plate in 5 minutes.

Optional quick-disconnect systems make it possible to change from one harvest head type to another in seconds.

PHD™ Harvesters can deposit filter discs into any type of miniature scintillation vial, test tube or gamma tube. The geometry of the test plate or standard test tube rack is preserved throughout the operating sequence.

Test Suitability

Models 200A and 290 are suitable for a wide range of tests from MLC’s to many RBA’s. Up to 1.3 million lymphocytes or 2.5 mg of homogenized tissue (brain) can be harvested per sample. Other harvesters in the BRANDEL family are available to greatly extend these ranges if required. Models 200A and 290 PHD™ Harvesters are compatible with a wide range of wash fluids and buffers, including saline, methanol, and 5% to 10% TCA.

Accessories Add Capabilities

Accessories and options are available for nearly every application and can be added later should your needs change. Adding a Dispenser, for example can significantly speed results by filling 96 wells with cocktail in less than a minute. See our full complement of accessories for various wash options, filtrate handling options, harvesting heads, vacuum pump and vial plates.