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Model 200A punches and deposits at the time of harvesting.

Model 290 gives the user the choice of punching and depositing at the time of harvesting or later. This feature is useful if samples need to be absolutely dry before adding scintillation cocktail or when drying samples on the filter strip is preferable to drying in scintillation vials. Model 290 also minimizes the number of vial trays needed.

Using Model 290 in the non-punching mode, filter strips can easily be removed after harvesting and stored. Small indexing holes are made in the filter mat during harvesting for precise alignment when returned to the harvester for punching and depositing. Indexing holes also preserve sample geometry.

Both models feature a specially designed diaphragm wash valve which allows all 24 wash needles to be turned on and off instantaneously. The valve produces an equal wash flow to each needle and eliminates well-to-well flooding. No adjustment necessary.


• Deposits 24 samples per operation directly into any type of small scintillation vials or test tubes.
• Completely harvests and deposits filtered samples from a 96-well plate in 5 minutes.
• PHD™ Accessories fill 96-vials with scintillation cocktail and cap them in less than a minute.
• Trays hold vials in the same orientation as original plate.
• Includes one vial tray of your choice; additional trays may be ordered separately.
• Easy operation saves labor and avoids handling of samples.
• Mix-ups are impossible.
• No possibility of well flooding.
• Accessories available for every application.
• Stainless steel and aluminum mechanism lasts a lifetime.