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Quick & Easy Operation

1. After the filter mat is placed in the instrument, a stainless steel punch and die set cuts 24 discs out of it in one easy motion and seals them into the collection mechanism. Cross-contamination of samples is impossible.

2. A 96-well plate is placed in the convenient workstation built into the base of the harvester. Samples are then harvested two rows at a time from the microtitration plate onto the discs. While the samples are sealed, they can be washed and dried.

3. After flipping a switch to reverse the vacuum direction, all 24 samples are elevated by raising the punch level.

4. The Vial tray slides under the elevated samples and is keyed into position. The samples can be dropped directly into the scintillation vials or test tubes and are kept in the same orientation as in the original 96-well plate. One instrument performs all operation; there is no additional filter transfer mechanism to purchase.