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Models & Features

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The Easiest, Most Economical Way to Seal Plates... without Heat

Brandel Plate Sealers offer a quick and easy way to seal plates of almost any size. Simply slide a plate into the left side of the unit and an optical sensor triggers the mechanism, automatically pulling the plate through and applying a seal.

Brandel's Plate Sealers offer a pressure-based solution for applying a uniform siliconized or adhesive seal for most any plate configuration, height or composition. Fully-Automated (RS-3000) and Semi-Automated (CS-2000) systems can be used with a variety of sealing tapes, including transparent, translucent, foils and gas permeable. A variety of sealing tapes are suitable for use with most chemicals (including DMSO), compatible with cells, and capable of withstanding temperatures as low as –80°C.

The BRANDEL Automated Plate Sealer, via RS232, is an ideal component for integration into liquid handling/robotic systems as well as for use as a stand-alone unit. Features of the automated sealer include integrated sensors to insure proper seal placement, height positioning and sealing pressure. Destination point of sealed plate is programmable. Model with plate stacker is available.

Adhesive Plate Sealer Brochure



Model RS-3000 Plate Sealer



Automated Plate Sealer with Stacker


Fully-Automated Plate Sealer


Semi-Automated Plate Sealer


Accommodates most plate configurations, heights and compositions

Compatible with most chemicals (including DMSO)

Integrated sensors ensure proper positioning and pressure

Destination point of sealed plate is programmable

Auto models include RS-232 interface for liquid handling or robotic systems

Operates on 110 or 220V

One-year parts & labor warranty