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    Plate Carousel for Biomek 2000 Side Loader

High-Capacity Plate Carousel

Carousel for Biomek2000


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Automation, Versatility, Compatibility

Brandel's Plate Carousel for the Beckman Biomek® Side Loader System lends a new level of hands-off automation to your Beckman system by significantly increasing its sample capacity.

By changing the removable shelf stacks, a single carousel can be configured to accommodate 64 plates, 32 P20 or P250 tip boxes, 32 reservoirs or 24 P1000 tip boxes. Up to three carousels can be mounted to the Side Loader, nearly tripling its standard capacity.

Developed in cooperation with Beckman, the Brandel CA-164 Carousel is fully integrated into the Side Loader's robotic operation and Beckman's BioWorks software.


Shelf stacks can be interchanged as needed to accommodate:

(64) microtitre plates, or;

(32) P20 tip boxes, or;

(32) P250 tip boxes, or;

(32) reservoirs, or;

(24) P1000 plate boxes.

Above capacities are for one Carousel. If more than one Carousel is used, system can be programmed to accommodate different types of plates or tip boxes in each Carousel.


Carousel control box interfaces with the Biomek® 2000 Side Loader via standard RS-232 (cable included).

Programmable through Beckman's BioWorks control software (sample code included).

Can also be operated manually.


Optical sensors provide accurate stopping positions.

Controlled rotation will bring each of the columns to a common location for use with robotic arm.

Interchangeable shelf stacks accommodate different tips, reservoirs and plate configurations.

Installation/alignment hardware and setup instructions included

One-year warranty and factory support.

Other Plate Carousels

Brandel also offers motorized and manual carousels for use alone or with our Fully-Automated Harvesters.