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    CO2 Incubator with Plate Carousel

High-Capacity Plate Carousel

Carousel for Biomek2000


CO2 Incubator

Brandel Incubators provide an extremely reliable and efficient method for high capacity storage and incubation of plates over an extended period of time. The unit has two access points: (1) a full-width, manually operated door for easy operator access, and (2) a narrow, motorized door controlled by the robotic system. The narrow door enables a robotic arm to access a plate while minimizing changes in the incubation environment.

An enclosed plate carousel can hold 168 plates at a time

The incubator integrates with most systems by way of its RS-232 interface. The control panel, located on the upper front of the incubator, allows for easy access and monitoring of parameters. Stand and leveling pads are included.


Holds one 168-plate carousel

0°C to +60°C Temperature Range (+32°F +172°F)

11 cu. ft. Volume (311.5 Liters)

Air-cooled Refrigeration ( 0.3°C at 25°C to 37°C uniformity)

Relative humidity from above ambient to 95%, (±5%)

Dimensions: 38.0"W x 51.5"H x 32.0"F-B
(96.5 cm x 130.8 cm x 81.3 cm)

CO2 Medical grade 100% CO2

1/8 FNPT, 10 PSI H2O

Good quality distilled water (50 K ohm to 1 meg)

1/8 FNPT, 15 to 40 PSI

Air HEPA Filtration

One operator accessible door

One mechanically accessed door

RS-232 Communications Interface