Systems for Direct
  Radioactive Readers

Fully-Automated Systems

Semi-Automated Systems

  Systems for Liquid
  Scintillation Counters

For Generic Vial Racks

For Counter Vial Racks


  PHD Harvesters

   Semi-Automated Harvesting Systems




Accessories for Semi-Automated Harvesters


MicroDispensers for Direct Reader Harvesters


Deposit/Dispensers for Scintillation Counter Harvesters

Programmable Controller/
Automatic Hot/Cold Valve

Controller, with Keypad

Controller w/ Automatic Hot/Cold Valve

Manual Hot/Cold Valve

Hot/Cold Collection Valve Kit,
with collection bottle and tubing

Large Capacity
Collection Reservoirs

10, 12, or 18 litre with Auto-Drain & Alarm

10, 12, or 18 litre w/o Auto-Drain & Alarm

Filter Block Inserts

For 24-well filter plate

For 24-sample filter mat

For 48-well filter plate

For 48-sample filter mat

For 96-well filter plate

For 96-sample filter mat

Harvesting Probes

Available for standard well-plates, deep-well plates and test tubes

Plate Carousels

See High-Capacity Plate Carousels

Plate Sealers

See Plate Sealers

Vacuum Pump

For 12 to 24-sample harvesters, 110V, 45 litres/min

For 30 to 96-sample harvesters, 110V, 113 litres/min

For 30 to 96-sample harvesters, 220V, 113 litres/min

2-stage pump for 96, 192, 384-sample harvesters, 110V

2-stage pump for 96, 192, 384-sample harvesters, 220V

Oil for all vacuum pumps

Mist filter replacements

Automatic Wash Timer

Automatic Wash Timer (110V and 220V)

Multi-Wash Systems

With or w/o Wash Pump, 110V or 220V

Wash Troughs

For 96-well plate probe

For 12, 18, 24, 30, 36 48 or 96-sample test tube probes

220V Conversion

Converts 100V harvester to 220V

Individual Collection Boxes

Collect filtrate into test tubes

Collect filtrate into 5-7 or 20ml vials in counter racks

Test Tube Racks

For 10-13 mm test tubes

For 14-16 mm test tubes