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Semi-Automated Harvester Features

Harvests 12 to 96 samples simultaneously, depending upon model, in about 30 seconds

Harvests from most any well plate or test tube configuration

Ability to interchange harvesting probes for harvesting from various types of vessels. Probes can be changed, without tools, in about 60 seconds

All harvesters can be upgraded to microprocessor-controlled programmed operation at any time

Low voltage control system (24V)

Choice of 110 or 220V models

Vacuum Gauge indicates when vacuum is sufficient for harvesting

Flow adjustment for each individual well

Wash Media Pump with adjustable flow rate provides immediate and uniform washing of wells

Wash Media Bottle

Non-corrosive, Teflon-lined solenoid ensures positive wash control at your fingertips

Self-priming Wash Manifold removes air bubbles from the system and ensures a uniform volume of wash solution will be delivered to each and every well

Harvesters use filter paper strips rather than significantly more costly individual filter discs

Automatically scores filter paper/membrane strips into discs for easy removal. Degree of scoring is adjustable.

Reservoir for common collection of filtrate (larger capacity optional)

On/Off Vacuum Valve puts control of vacuum at the harvester, and permits purging of wash lines

Harvesting Tray holds test tube rack or well plate at eye level and folds out of the way when not in use

Removable stainless steel filter screens

Your choice of one Interchangeable Harvesting Probe – additional probes available

Test tube rack for 10-13 or 14-16ml test tubes (Test Tube Probes only)

Locator pins for easy alignment of filter paper and positive sample identification

Non-corrosive, polished acrylic resists damage from harsh substances and allows full view of operations

Full factory support for information, filter paper, membranes, parts, supplies & upgrades

Compatible with Brandel Automatic Deposit and Dispensing Systems, and Manual Deposit Systems

All harvesters are fully tested and calibrated before shipment

Harvesters are shipped complete, with all necessary tubing, fittings and box of filter paper or membranes.

Simply connect to your vacuum source or one of our optional vacuum pumps.

One year parts & labor warranty