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Fully-Automated, Programmable Perfusion

NEW... All Suprafusion 2500 systems are able to collect samples into 96-well plates, thus making the Brandel Suprafusion equipment the perfect research tool for studying Islet Perfusion and Insulin Secretion.

Superfusion2500 features fully-automatic, programmable control, perfusing tissues with up to 9 reagents each and collecting up to 20 effluents per sample. Systems can also be operated manually.

Our 6-channel, 12-channel and 20-channel systems collect into standard 5 or 7ml vials in a generic collection tray. Our 18-channel systems are specifically designed for use with your liquid scintillation counter – effluents are collected into vials pre-loaded into your counter's racks.

All Suprafusion2500 Systems feature internal hardware and software, as well as the capacity to interface with a host computer. Other standard features include heated reagent water baths, high-performance Versaflow Peristaltic Pumps – virtually everything needed for chemical perfusion.

A variety of options, such as our ES-200 Series Electrical Stimulators and Environmental Control Systems offer additional capabilities and controls.



Suprafusion 2500, 6-channel system


Suprafusion 2500, 12-channel system


Suprafusion 2500, 20-channel system


Suprafusion 2500, Beckman-Compatible 18-channel system


Suprafusion 2500, Packard-Compatible 18-channel system


Suprafusion 2500, Wallac-Compatible 18-channel system


Additional Collection Vial Tray

Circulating Water Bath

Collection Vial Ice Tray

Environmental Control System

Luer Lock Fittings, for direct injection before reaction chambers

 Reagent Water Bath (heated)

Perfusion System for well plates

Electrical Stimulator (includes electrical probes)

Suprafusion Rack Dispensing Systems

Filter Paper & Discs

Reeves Angel 934H

Whatman GF/B

Whatman GF/C

Whatman GF/F

Nylon Mesh

Polyethylene Filter Discs

Others on request.